IDC Indonesia: It's all about interconnectivity, neutrality and traffic

With all data centre features being internationally standardised, Data Centre services is more or less the same from one to another. There are many data centre services available, however interconnectivity, neutrality and traffic has made IDC Indonesia stands out amongst other data centre facilities.

IDC JAKARTA CYBER. Our first facility and also the first of its kind in Indonesia. Back in year 2000, the idea of creating a Carrier Neutral Data Centre was probably considered non-sense non-feasible non-applicable. Now, it's the largest carrier-neutral data centre carring the largest traffic nationwide.

IDC JAKARTA 3D was setup at the end of 2010 with 600 racks capacity. With a new concept, IDC JAKARTA 3D has brought a new colour to the typical "dull" live around a data centre. The new concept is so inspiring, even a visitor from Mozilla Foundation commented "15 years in technology, I've never seen anything like this".

IDC BATAM. With an innovative IDC service called Batam X-Connect, all tier1 operator services available in Singapore is also made available in IDC Batam at the same price (some even lower).

IDC MAKASSAR is the first public data centre in the eastern part of Indonesia. It would become the hub of all data centre needs for the surrounding eastern Indonesian region which covers almost half of the total 1,9 million square km of the country.

IDC BANDUNG is located in the Cyber Development Area designated by the government of West Java Province for Cyber Development Initiative for the whole province. And hence IDC Bandung would be the priority choice of West Java Data Centre needs.

IDC SOLO is a 100 rack capacity Data Centre located right in the Junction of highways to Jogjakarta and Semarang, right in the heart of Solo city centre. As our first facility in Central Java Area, IDC Solo serves the data centre needs from 3 major cities of the region : Solo, Semarang and Jogjakarta.