Going beyond the standards

Just like any other International Data Centre, all IDC Indonesia facilities are built to meet the international standard of a data centre. All are equipped with raised floor, down flow HVAC, humidity control, CCTV, gas based fire suppression system and other international data centre standard fitures.

Our service is simple : Racks. Yet we provide a Data Center operating environment which meets International Standard. No more worrying about cable management, physical security, and connectivity

Your business can then concentrate on your product, bandwidth, content and growing servers.

With multiple locations across Indonesia, IDC Indonesia is also going beyond the standard. We have created the IDC "NCIS (National Cloud Infrastructure Services" environment, an environment that enables businesses to run it's own cloud from multiple IDC Indonesia's data centers across the country connected through high speed Fiber Optics.

IDC JAKARTA CYBER 300 racks capacity. Our first facility, initially deployed in year 2000.
IDC JAKARTA 3D 600 racks capacity. Worlds first themed technicolor data center.
IDC BATAM 200 racks capacity. X-Connect facility for Singapore Tier1 operators to provide services without additional efforts.
IDC MAKASSAR 400 racks capacity. The first hub and public data centre for the whole eastern part of Indonesia.