IDC Indonesia was established in response to the rapid development and growth of the Indonesia internet business. The growth is effected by all related IT business. The rapid growth of the Internet has created an explosive inter ISP’s local traffic, promoted from several facts, e.g. :

An increase of number of ISP currently reaching over 500 companies.
The consistent growth of Internet Content companies.
Very high local Internet traffic currenly reaching over 2Tb peak traffic ( Based on Open IXP).

These developments bring challenges to make :

Efficient and effective interconnection utilization between the ISP and the network centre.
Efficiency and effectivity in developing a network.
Easeness of establishing the infrastructure and compact cooperation with both local network providers and international network provider to all of ISPs.

IDC Indonesia is determinated to provider solutions for these challenges by building an Internet Data Centre which does not compete with any services provided by Operators, Telecommunication Providers, NAP, ISP’s, Content Providers and other Co-Location companies.

Current rapid growth of the Internet creates an explosive inter ISP’s local traffic reaching over 2Tb peak traffic.
~ IDC Indonesia