IDC as the best interconnection point

Besides running a world class operating environment, IDC Indonesia is also known as the best place for interconnecting whether it be IP based or non IP based link. At IDC 3D Jakarta -one of our data centre facility- alone, we have more than 1500 Fiber Optic cores operated by various licensed telco operators providing limitless capacity for Data Centre tenants.

In each of our facility we operate the NICE/OIXP (National Internet Commercial Exchange / Open Internet Exchange Point) facilitating National IP Traffic Exchanges between all IP networks (telcos, ISPs, as well as content).

IDC Customer Base

99,9% of Indonesia's local traffic passes through IDC Indonesia, and 60%-70% of Indonesia's international traffic passes through IDC Indonesia. International bandwidth as well as local loops are provided by our partners (ISPs, Telcos) to other IDC Clients. It is safe to say our clientelle is almost every aspect of the Indonesia Internet, Telecommunications, and content.

This means that All Telecommunication companies including Cellular, Fixed Line, and Wireless are our client. As well as all content provider are our client. Government servers and services are also our clients, game providers, cloud providers, corporate, banking, stock trading companies, and yes all ISPs have their traffic in IDC Indonesia.

DESCRIPTION IDC Jakarta IDC Makassar IDC Batam
Fast Ethernet Cat6 Yes Yes Yes
Fiber Optic Yes Yes Yes

DESCRIPTION IDC Jakarta IDC Makassar IDC Batam
Standard 12 Ampere 10 Ampere 10 Ampere
UPS Clustering System Yes Yes Yes
Generator Set Yes Yes Yes
Clearance 40 cm 30 Cm 40 cm
CCTV Security System Yes Yes Yes
UPS Controling System Yes Yes Yes
Gas Based Fire System Yes Yes Yes
Precissions AC Down Flow Yes Yes Yes
Hot Isle & Cold Isle System Yes Yes Yes
Max. Floor Load (kg/sq.m) 1000 1000 1000
24 Hour Manned Yes Yes Yes
Remote Hand Yes Yes Yes
Meet Me Room (Interconnection Room) Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance Room Yes Yes Yes
Meeting Room Yes Yes Yes
Internal security Guard Yes Yes Yes
Eksternal security Guard Yes Yes Yes